In my opinion, there is nothing better than going for a drive and listening to music with the windows down. The fresh air and open road combine perfectly to create a stimulating experience. Music adds that extra bit of enjoyment, and it’s one of the reasons I always volunteer to drive my friends around. The rule amongst my group of friends is always whoever is driving gets to pick the music. With unlimited data plans and streaming services on cell phones, it’s never been easier to find the perfect song.

The only problem I have with online streaming is when I get on a plane. There’s no cell service up there, so I have to organize my playlists before I leave. It wouldn’t be so bad, but I’m already a procrastinator. I wait until the last minute to start packing, and then I always end up bringing too much stuff in my suitcase. I guess I’d rather have too much than not enough. I’m limited to the amount of storage on my phone though, so I can’t overpack my songs. It never fails, I always end up wishing I had put one more album on my playlist once I’m in the air.

I don’t get nervous about flying, but I’m always afraid I’m going to get sick from traveling. There are so many strangers, and we are all in an airtight cabin. Therefore, I try to boost my immune system before I fly. I take anything that even remotely protects against germs, and it’s become part of my traveling ritual. Modern medicine is a marvel. When I was a child, I always took medicine for granted. If I were sick, my mom would give me something, and I would go back into my little world, no problem. As an adult, I have a much greater appreciation for the research and chemistry that goes into developing a pill with medicinal value. My only complaint is that we don’t have a capsule that will satisfy nutrition and hunger needs. I would love to be able to meet all of my food needs through a convenient, healthy pill.

I also bring an assortment of medicines with me in an Advil bottle, like ibuprofen, cold relief, sinus relief, and allergy medicine. You’ll have to be careful that you don’t end up packing anything extra in an unmarked bottle though. If the TSA catches you with prescription medications, you can be in a lot of trouble. Even though a doctor prescribed them, it’s essential to travel with prescription medicine with the right labels. If you don’t have the original bottle with your name on it, you can be charged with a crime. It seems silly, but the law is very clear about its demands. As bad as it might be to end up at your destination with a cold, it would be far worse to miss your flight because a federal agent is questioning you about undocumented prescription medication. That’s why I always play it safe by packing my assortment of medicine and leave my prescriptions in the proper bottle with a label.